We are a medicinal chemistry research group in the Department of BioMolecular Sciences at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. We have broad interests and expertise in many topics related to drug discovery and development, including organic synthesis, methodology, structure-based drug design, structure-activity relationship, and enzymology. We use organic synthesis and computational modeling as primary tools to design and synthesize potential therapeutic agents and collaborate with other research groups to evaluate their biological activities and investigate their molecular mechanisms of action.

- April 27, 2021: Ben received a GSC Research Grant for his project "Synthesis and Assessment of Potential Carbazole-based Antimalarials". Congratulations, Ben!

- April 16, 2021: Riya successfully defended her Honors thesis. Congratulations, Riya! She will start her Ph.D. program at the University of Kentucky in the Fall.

- April 13, 2021: My successfully defended her Honors thesis. Congratulations, My! She will start her Ph.D. program at Brandeis University in the Fall.

- April 12, 2021: Nick successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations, Nick! He will start his postdoctoral position in Dr. Dennis Liotta's lab at Emory University in May!

- April 8, 2021: Hoang won P2 Teaching Team of the Year Award with Nicole Ashpole, Jay Pitcock, and Eric Pittman!

- April 7, 2021: Another manuscript from our lab is under peer review at the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Preprint is available at ChemRxiv. Good work, Imran, Imdad, and Seong Jong!

- March 16, 2021: The latest manuscript from our lab is under peer review at ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. Preprint is available at ChemRxiv. Good work, Nick and Seong Jong!

- February 26, 2021: Hoang was selected to serve on the UM Graduate School's Graduate Student Mental Health and Well-being Advisory Board.

- February 21, 2021: Ayoub joined our lab as a Fulbright Student Scholar. Welcome, Ayoub!

- February 10, 2021: Our paper got accepted and published on RSC Advances! Congratulations, Imran and Nick!

- February 10, 2021: My and Riya got research funding from the Honors College to complete their Honors theses this semester. Congratulations, My and Riya!

- February 9, 2021: Imdad passed his ORP. Congratulations, Imdad!

- February 8, 2021: Ayoub received his visa from the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Morocco and will start his Fulbright Student Program in our lab in late February. Congratulations Ayoub, and we look forward to your arrival!
- February 1, 2021: the STEMS REU program is now accepting applications from undergrads for the summer 2021. 
- January - March, 2021: Hoang served on the AACP Chemistry Section Awards Committee.

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Hoang V. Le, Ph.D.

Department of BioMolecular Sciences

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

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